Friday, January 30, 2009

Reflection #1

At this point in my educational journey I feel that my professional attributes are quite strong. This is due, in part, to all that I have learned in the QUEST program thus far. I have learned "Patience," "Flexibility," and "Cooperation" from the many group projects that I have worked on.
Many of the professional attributes, that are so important in the working environment, have been instilled in me through my parents and family. My professional "Demeanor," sense of "Responsibility," and understanding of "Tactfullness" is mostly a product of my upbringing. These qualities were bestowed upon my siblings and I by our parents. They showed us the importance of being sensitive to others, taking responsibility for our actions, and having a positive attitiude.
Through my work as a Special Education Aide I learned to expand my level of "Patience." There were many times, early on, that I simply wanted to give up. Through the guidance of other professionals in the field, I learned how to handle the stress of the teaching environment. I truly believe that "Patience" is a learned trait.
Throughout the Quest program, we have had no choice but to be "Organized." I have always considered myself fairly organized, but I do still occasionally struggle with it. It is only when there is an overload of things going on in my life that I may let something slip. I am conscious of this fact and am making an effort to strengthen my organizational skills all the time. I am always looking for new ways to be organized. Staying organized makes my life easier, and anything that makes life easier I am all for.